Cihan Baran Front-End
Web Developer

I have hands-on experience on UX design process and A/B testing. My vision is to be a T-shaped professional. I am passionate about graphic design, industrial design and photography. Great design makes me excited.

  • Html
  • Css
  • Js
  • React
  • Redux
  • Thunk


Jotform enables you to create online forms, collect responses directly in your email, and create fillable PDF forms.

I worked at Jotform respectively at Maintenance Team, Growth Hackers Team and Engagement Hackers Team (current).

I contributed the Support Forum's text editor, a bunch of localization tools, product walkthrough, onboarding funnels, many A/B tests and some components used across the Jotform.
jotform homepage screen

Industrial Designers Association Website

Client: ENTA

Employer: Freelance

ENTA project is one of the largest projects I have worked and managed up until now. I have contributed to the project by working with the client, the designer and the back-end developer. The project includes official pages, careers and association membership modules corresponding 26 HTML-CSS templates and the JavaScript related with them.

We scaled the CSS and JS by writing them in component based. The JavaScript is written in object literal pattern. We used SCSS, jQuery, .NET MVC, npm, Gulp and Git.

enta homepage screen

E-Bursum Socail Startup

Client: E-Bursum

Employer: Taze

E-Bursum is a start-up where students and scholarship providers meet and it is the one of the largest scholarship platforms in Turkey. I have developed UI components, some basic interactions mostly used on websites. We used HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Gulp, npm and Git. I used revealing pattern in the JavaScript.

e-bursum homepage screen

IOX Trend Reports Page

Client: IOX

Employer: Freelance

'Trend Reports' lists more or less 120 trending topics in 13 categories in design, technology and business fields.

I have heavily used JavaScript in this project. I have fetched the data by using jQuery Ajax and rendered the components dynamically. I have used HTML, SCSS, jQuery with Gulp, npm and Git.

iox blend the trend page screen
  • Jotform - Ankara

    Front-End Developer, August 2019 to Current

    I am a member of the Engagement Hackers Team, I was also a part of the Growth Hackers and Maintenance Team before.

  • Taze - İstanbul

    Junior Front-End Developer, September 2017 to July 2018

    I have contributed to 11 small or mid-sized projects as a junior front-end developer and content manager at Taze. I have learnt project management process and some tools to work efficiently. I have had a chance to work on well designed projects.

  • Devtailor - Estonia

    Internship, July 2016 to February 2017

    I have designed the UI and created the template of the Fantasy Experss which is a tiny gaming tool by using HTML, SCSS and Photoshop. I have learnt the basic front-end workflow in this project. The project relies on node.js and Angular.

E x

p e r i

e n c e

S k i l l s

  • Coding

    React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Javascript (ES6), HTML, CSS, SASS, styled-components, A/B Testing

    I mostly develop components and follow the pragmatic approach to front-end. I am a technology agnostic which basically means that I choose tools considering needs, budget and time.

  • Coding

    CI, Webpack, Gulp, Npm, Git, ESLint, Iterm

    Tools help us to enhance work efficiency, optimization and make it easy to follow best practices.

  • Other

    Fullstory, Hotjar, Test.IO, Figma, Trello, Miro

    Being a part of a team is more than being just a developer. To be in-sync with other team members is crucial. I use best tools in that purpose. I am able to solve minor design needs by myself and capable to use Figma as a prototyping tool. I use miro to communicate visually in my projects.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Bill Gates

About Me

My first international work experience was in Devtailor in Tallinn, Estonia. I have experienced how to design a web application with the approach of MVP (Minimum Viable Product), worked with some low-fi prototypes for designing apps rapidly by considering UX. I had a chance to design a new website and I started to use tools like Git and Node Package Manager in my projects, improved my CSS development speed and process. This was a good ‘welcome’ to the industry in 2017.

I joined to Jotform in 2019 and had a chance to work in cross-functional teams. It is great to broaden the point of view in the areas other than programming. I am happy contributing a Saas product and make work my code at scale.

I have attended as an instructor to the Front-End Camp 2018, organised by Taze. Check out my presentation.

  • Education

    Eskişehir Osmangazi University - Math. and Computer Science - 2017

    New University of Lisbon - Erasmus Exchange Program - 2014

  • Language

    Turkish - Native

    English - Fluent